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Pryor And Rector Family Virginia Connections

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I remarked in an earlier post that I was leaving the Rectors for another day.  Well, today’s the day.

The Rectors were German immigrants that settled in colonial Virginia. Though my research and the research of others, we have turned over numerous connections to the Pryors in Virginia and later in Tennessee.

My own Pryor line is descended from John Pryor and Massie Taylor who were married in Campbell Co., VA in 1812 and settled in Sumner Co., TN. Massie’s sister Spicy Taylor married a William Pryor in 1809 and settled in Overton Co., TN.  John and William Pryor are probably brothers, sons of an older John Pryor from VA (I’ll refer to him as John Sr. throughout the rest of this post).

John Sr. AND a Rector were first documented together in 1790..

On 15 March 1790, John PRYER witnessed the following deed “from Murrell CUNNINGHAM of Campbell to William BURNETT of Campbell, for 30,000 weight of nett, inspected tobacco, 1 Negro woman, Fanny, and 9 children viz. Sam, London, Lymas, Agness, Betty, Charlotte, David, Coye, and William. Signed – Murrell CUNNINGHAM. Wit – John PRYER, Charles RORK,  Martin RECTOR (X his mark) . This bill of sale was recorded Apr 1, 1790.” (Campbell County Virginia Deeds, 1784 – 1790 published by T.L.C. Genealogy (Miami), p. 72, referencing deed book page 474)

The following year Martin Rector appears on another document.  Edward Deckey, believed to be Edward Dickey is also a signer. Edward Dickey was the father of Sally Dickey, the first wife of Hezekiah Taylor,  a brother in law of both John and William Pryor (Hezekiah was Massie and Spicy Taylor’s  brother.

Petition dated August 1, 1791 Connected Campbell Co. Signers:
John DECKEY, Edward DECKEY, Wrenny CREWS,

I suspect it was John Sr. who witnessed Jacob Rector’s will in 1779.  John’s known children were William born 1761-1770, John born 1780-1789, and probably Elizabeth Pryor Harris born about 1780.  The ages of his children help to determine that John Sr. was an adult and alive at the time of Jacob Rector’s will.

John PRYER with Gideon MARTIN, Jane PRESTON, Thomas STOVALL witnessed the will of Jacob RECTOR in Bedford County VA on 26 Oct. 1779. John Pryer along with Gideon Martin proved the will by oaths on 22 Nov. 1779. John Pryer along with David Martin and Thomas Stovall inventoried the estate of Jacob Rector on 3 Dec. 1779, returned 22 January 1781. “Prier” also used at one place in the record. (Abstracts of Bedford County Virginia Wills, Inventories and Accounts by Joida Whitten, Taylor Publishing Company (Dallas), pp. 101 and 113, referencing will book pp. 359-60 and 387.)

Another connection that helps to place John Sr. and Martin Rector in the same community: their minister, William Flowers.

Martin RECTOR and Sarah MARTIN, bond 20 December 1804. Consent David Martin, father of the bride. Martin Rector (b) and David Martin (b); David Martin Jr. (w) and James Martin (w). M. R. 25 December 1804 by William Flowers. Marriages of Campbell County, Virginia, 1782-1810 By Lucy Harrison Miller Baber, Hazel Letts Williamson.

If you search the records of Fentress and Overton County, you’ll see Flowers families who migrated to Tennessee from Virginia. William Flowers of Campbell County performed not only the marriage of Martin Rector—he also married Elizabeth Pryor to John Harris in 1800,  and another Hezekiah Taylor from Campbell Co., VA who married Polly Oglesby in 1807 (this Hezekiah died in Canada during the War of 1812).

The Pryor and Rector connections continue in Roane and Anderson Counties, Tennessee.

William PRYER, S#362 2-1-1811, E#812 1-21-1811. 5 acres on Piles Turnpike  Road on Rocky Branch of Little Emerys River . SCC: Reuben Williams, John RECTOR. Recorded 2-22-1811. Lifted 1-22-1812 by William PRYOR. Ansearchin’ News, East Tennessee Surveys, 1807-1813, Roane County.

On the 1830 Census there there’s a Rector living near Harris PRYOR; John RECTOR is enumerated on the line below Harris.
Martin Rector’s estate is described in this case in Roane Co., TN, revealing the names of his heirs.  Martin Rector. No Pryors mentioned.

The most confounding connections are the Pryors and Rectors who appear out side of  Roane, Anderson, and Morgan Counties in Tennessee.

– John Pryor b. 1833, son of James and Nancy Pryor in Overton Co. married a Kitty Rector.
– John T. Pryor b. 1788 in KY is mentioned with “T” Rector in a 1823 Gasconade Co., MO will.
– Philip Pryor b. 1791 in NC (son of Matthew Pryor Sr.)  married a Miss Reeter. Since there were no Reeters in TN, it’s speculated she was a Rector.