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Guilford County, NC Pryor Family

The parents of these Pryors are unknown, yet they were most probably deceased by 1820 when Alson and Dennard were recorded as “orphans”. Alson Pryor gives us the best trail to find their parents: He was born around 1807 and stated on one census that he was born in Rowan County and on another in Iredell County.

Sinnie Pryor b. 1789 in NC. Possibly the wife of Andrew Waggoner/Waggonman of Guilford County, NC.  Andrew was a head of household on 1820 Census in Guilford County, NC. Both Andrew and Sinnie are on the 1850 Census in Clinton County, IN.

Thomas Pryor b. 1791-1800 probably in NC. In 1820 Thomas married Betsy Gerringer; Samuel Pryor was bondsman.  Thomas is on the 1840 Census in Clay County, MO– his wife Elizabeth/Betsy was on the 1850 Census in Lawrence County, MO.

Elizabeth Pryor b. 1799 in NC. Wife of George Wynick/Wyrick/Wannick/Winnick/Waynick (Yup, probably more ways to spell than Pryor!). They are on the 1850 Census in Dickson County, TN. She named a son Denhardt Alson Pryor.

Samuel Pryor born about 1800 in Guilford County. In 1820 he was the bondsman for Thomas Pryor‘s marriage. He married Theresa Nicks in Guilford County in 1822. Samuel is on the 1850 and 1860 Census in Wilkes County, NC. The 1850 census recorded his place of birth.

Dennard Pryor b. 1801-1810 probably in NC. In 1820, he and his brother Alson were apprenticed to Andrew Waggoner/Waggonman in Guilford County, NC. His first known child James T. Pryor stated on Civil War Record that he was born in Guilford County, NC in 1830. Dennard only appeared on the 1840 Census in Clay County, MO, although he lived to 1863 or thereafter.  He served in the Union Army during the Civil War.

Alson Pryor b. 1807 in NC. He was apprenticed with Dennard Pryor to Andrew Waggoner/Waggonman in 1820. In 1828 Alson married Lucinda Nicks. Alson was on the 1840 through 1880 Census in Guilford County.


Other Possible Pryor Kin:

Eliza Pryor b. 1809 in NC. Eliza was living with Elizabeth Betsy Pryor and her husband George Waynick on the 1850 Census in Dickson County, TN and with Elizabeth on census records in Houston County, TN. She is described as “single” and as an “aunt”; since Elizabeth’s son in law was the head of household we know Eliza wasn’t his aunt. She may have been a younger sibling Elizabeth and the Pryors listed above.

David Prior d. 1816. His estate was settled in Iredell County, NC. Thomas Prior and Andrew Waggaonman purchased items from the estate. David Pryor was surety for a 1803 Marriage Bond – Asa Carman and Isabel Cummings on 25 Nov 1803.