The Pocahontas Pryor Girls

Pocahontas Pryor Girls

The photos above are of Miss Epes Fickling daughter of Gerald Pryor Fickling and Miss Carolina Pryor Baker, daughter of Mr. G. L. Baker (published the Washington D.C. Evening Star, June 3, 1922). I wondered which line of Pryors they are from. I think Judge Roger Atkinson Pryor family claimed to be related to Pocahontas– his wife definitely wrote about her in her book Birth of the Nation.

I found the Pocahontas Pryor Girls from the newspaper article on the 1920 Census in Washington, DC:

Archibald C Pryor 69, Ann A Pryor 68, Gerald P Fickling 34 daughter, Ann P Fickling 14 grand-daughter,  Elizabeth Fickling 12 grand-daughter,  Campbell Fickling 7 grand-son

Hmmmm, Archibald Campbell Pryor was a half-brother of Judge Roger A Pryor.

Don’t all Pryors want to claim Native American ancestry? My grandpa had found arrowheads on the old Pryor farm in Tennessee and used to tell me that the family was part “Indian”. Well, the closest my family gets to being Indian is our favorite lamb curry!

Was this line of VA Pryors really descended from Pocahontas? I don’t really care because I’m searching Pryors not Pocahontas.  However, the story of kinship to Pocahontas seems to prevail through some of the Pryor families– watch out, tho! I’ve seen some pretty sketchy attempts to connect her to the Pryors.