Thompson Pryor of Lawrence County, TN

Thompson Pryor of lawrence countyI found 2 interesting documents from Lawrence County, TN and I think they may shed new light on Thompson Pryor/Prior.  Thompson is probably a son of Richard and Mourning Pryor as there’s a Thompson mentioned as an heir of “Richard Prior” in an indentured filed in 1812 to settle the estate. I suspect the following is an inventory of Thompson Prior, not Thompson “Prics.”**

Decr. 3rd. 1838 Inventory of Thompson Prics decd.
2 plans, 7 head of cattle, from 6 to 13 head of sheep supposed, a Lot of Hogs number unknown, and doubtfull whether the can be got up, 3 beds, Furniture, Bed Steads, one Loom, one table, 3 spinning wheels, 1 Press, one oven, one Pot, one Sad Iron, 1 Farming tools &C some other Small artickles, some corn in the Field, some Fodder, Some wheat
F. Buchanan, Administrator

Then I found an account was filed by Dicey Prior, Thompson’s widow. This account is very odd. It was filed in the September 1843 session of court, yet Dicey had remarried in May 1843 to Payton Manuel (also spelled Peyton). Why was she not referred to by her new married name? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a mother having to present an account of expenses for her children to the court. Were these her’s and Thompson’s children? Has anyone else seen this practice done before?

Sept. Term 1843
Dicy Prior guardian for William J., John A., Martha and Angeline Prior to said Wards
April 5th 1843,
Dr. To cash received on the 5th April 1842 $12.00
To Int. on same 12 months $00.72 $12.72
Cr. by sundry articles bought for said wards and trouble of keeping them $12.72

Finally, I’ve seen that family researchers have a death date for Thompson — 5 Nov 1838. Does anyone know the source of this date?

** There is a Lawrence County will of  a Thomas Price. This will is from 1837 and appears to be a different person that the Thompson Prics… Thomas Price’s executor was John Wasson and names wife Elizabeth and children Rebecca and Samuel who are not names associated with Thompson Pryor.  So I don’t think this is Thompson’s will under yet another misspelling of his name. Thompson Prior/Pryor probably died without a will since F. Buchanan is recorded as an administrator. F. Buchanan is on the 1840 Census living near Tripp families who were Dicey’s family and Thompson Pryor’s in-laws.