Another William Pryor VA Revolutionary War Soldier

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sgt William Prior signature 1777A few weeks ago I wrote out a list of the known Pryor men from VA who served in the Revolutionary War (see list). There are 3 William Pryors, one is the well-known William from Amherst County who lived long enough to file for a pension. I have more information on another William Pryor.

While looking for my Gregory line, I found a William Pryor who served in Capt. John Gregory’s 15th VA Regiments. William PRIOR was recorded as a sergeant on rosters starting in June 1777 through May 1778. Sgt. Prior also signed one of the rosters which makes me wonder if it was his duty to write out the rosters and pay rolls (see above).

Sgt William Pryor in John Gregory's 15th VA

Sgt. William Pryor 1777 – click to view larger

I love how the records intertwine with history! William Prior was on the rosters for almost a year. The Valley Forge website shows that this regiment was part of the troops that encamped there over the harsh winter we’ve all learned about in history class. This William Prior appeared on the rosters and payroll during that time. The Valley Forge website is also helpful in giving us an idea of where this William was from as it states the regiment formed with men from “Chesterfield, Brunswick, Southampton, King William, Nansemound, Princess Anne, Isle of Wright, Surry, Sussex, Westmoreland, Northumberland, Richmond Counties and Boro of Norfolk.”