From Trolley to the Web: Peter and Green Pryor of Williamson County, TN

Sometimes new information comes to the Tennessee Pryor website from the most unusual sources.   It began with an email last month from a genealogist who was working with a widow in Frankfort, KY who was in possession of a Pryor family Bible. She wasn’t a Pryor… the book had been found on a trolley decades ago.  I know it sounds like the opening line to one of those email scams… just substitute Kentucky for Nigeria and the story runs off from there.  It looks to be the real deal!

From a trolley to the web, it’s been a long strange journey for this this treasured heirloom.

Although the information in the Bible is quite old, the book itself was published in 1856, it appears that it may have been transcribed  in the past as the data appears in many of the Ancestry Family Trees on this line.  A note initial “JPP”, presumably written by John Polk Pryor, a son of Green Pryor (brother of Peter Pryor of Williamson Co., TN) states that his father’s siblings births had been transcribed earlier: “The above are the names of the children of John Pryor and Margaret his wife drawn from the family Bible by Green Pryor, May 25 th AD 1844.” This is a reference to John Henry Pryor born about 1694 in VA and his wife Margaret Gaines.

I’m going to post transcriptions from the Bible on this blog in a series of postings. Like a great soap opera, you won’t want to miss a single one! Please let your family and researching friends know that about this blog. Subscribe in your favorite reader or get updates via email!