Iron Ore In Jackson County, TN

Do you ever read records and then interpret them completely differently when read again months or even years later?

My interest was piqued by an old Jackson County, TN deed:

John Swain and Armistead Stubblefield, 2560 acres, on the headwaters of Brimstone Creek… to include the salt lick and two banks of iron ore. 2 April 1803.

There was a guy, who seems to be recorded as John Swan, who no one can ever find. He married Nancy Pryor in 1825 in Sumner County, TN. I wonder if it’s the same guy as John Swain.

Then “banks of iron ore” caught my eye. I wonder if he has anything to do with David Ross and the Pryors who were close to his foundry businesses in VA. Or is he a relation of the NC Pryors who were running the Troublesome Creek Foundry during Colonial times.

Still looking for clues to see if the iron industry follows some of the Pryor lines.