James Pryor in Jefferson County, KY

Everyone seems to be connected. Even when looking at James Pryor and other pryors from Jefferson County, Kentucky.

A Jefferson Co., KY will extract:

“Will of John M OFFAND Nov 23 1818, probated March 11 1822 gives to wife Henrietta Offand and after her death to his children; executor Henrietta Offand, wife, JAMES PRYOR, Fortunatus COSBY, and William MCKEEVER Jefferson CO.”

Forts. (sic) Cosby is on the 1820 Census in Jefferson County (Louisville). I looked around the Internet for some information on him and found that Fortunatus Cosby married Mary Ann Fontaine in Louisa Co., VA. 1 Nov 1785. From the Register of St. James Northam Parish, Goochland County. Ah ha! looks like he’s connected to St. James Northam Parish like the Pryors descended from Col. William Pryor and Sarah Wood.

The Cosbys look like they were well connected. The History of Kentucky: From Its Earliest Discovery and Settlement…, by Zachariah Frederick Smith. Fortunatus Cosby, probably the son of the Fortunatus named in the above) was the Consul General to Switzerland (Geneva) 1862).

I see researchers have James Pryor, brother of Nathaniel Pryor, died in Louisville around 1822. I haven’t found him on the 1820 Census, so can’t confirm if he’s the James Pryor mentioned in this extract.

It is interesting how these names get so tangled.