On the Kentucky Frontier – Meriwether and Pryor Connections

Daniel Boone, Kentucky FrontierRevisiting the Pryors on the Kentucky frontier. Back to the Meriwethers again! I found this extraction of a document filed in Shelby County, KY. It names some Samuel Pryor, Daniel Farley

Shelby County, Book A, 1795-1804.  Daniel, Robert, August 8, 1792. August 1797. Legatees Thomas, Coleman and Martin Daniel (bros.), John Daniel (father), Sukey Morris, Besty Merriweather, Martin, Reuben (last 3 children of sis. Clark). Ex. Martin Daniel, Nicholas Merriweather. Wit. Daniel Farley, Sam’l Pryor.

“The Encyclopedia of Louisville” by John E. Kleber states that Nicholas Meriwether was born 1749 in VA and died 1828 in Shelby Co., KY.  He is purported to be the son of Frances Morton Merriwether (who later married Dr. Samuel Pryor of Goochland Co., VA). The same article purports Nicholas was the cousin of Meriwether Lewis of the Lewis and Clark expedition.  Betsy Meriwether in this extract is probably Elizabeth Daniel, Nicholas’ wife. So the Daniels in this extract were his wife’s family.

Samuel Pryor in this extract is likely the son of Samuel and Frances, and the half brother of Nicholas Meriwether.

Daniel Farley married Marietta Pryor on 28 Sept. 1786 in Amelia Co., VA. It’s believed that she migrated to KY with her  husband and was living in Henry Co., KY at the time of the 1810 Census. I haven’t seen any documentation, but Marrietta is often included in family trees as the daughter of Samuel and Frances Pryor.

So, is there a connection between Samuel Pryor who married Frances Morton Meriwether and John Pryor the father of Nathaniel Pryor who was part of Lewis and Clark’s expedition and also resided in the Kentucky frontier?