John Pryor on Beaver Dam in Goochland – There’s More…

I think I’m developing a crush on the Virginia DOT. I recently found a report they’ve published on old road records. This publication has the best-selller title: Goochland County Road Orders 1728-1744 (I guess it’s a title only a genealogist could love).

Thank you DOT, I now have the earliest records of ANY Pryor in Goochland County. This man appears to be the John Pryor on Beaver Creek (see John Pryor and Mary New – This John Pryor on Beaver Creek Dam).

1729 John PRIOR appointed surveyor of the road from Lower Beaver Dam Bridge to Little Licking Hole Creek. 17 Feb 1729

And there’s more. We now have the names of more of John Pryor’s neighbors and their positions on specific waterways.

1729 Surveyor of the Roads. On the motion of Ebenezer Adams on behalf of himself and others it is ordered that a road be cleared from Bever dam Bridge near John Prior’s to pass by John Wright’s Plantation cross Wild Boar swamp near Elk lick by William Owen’s Plantation cross the North Branch of the Bird to Elk ford on the Bird to end at Martin King’s. John Prior is appointed Surveyor of the said road from Bever dam Bridge to John Rights; John Laine from John Rights to Great Licking hole, Martin Dunken from Great Licking hole to the South branch of the Bird, John Bostick from the South branch of the Bird to Elk ford, Martin King from Elk ford to the River. [17 March 1729, O.S. p. 221]

Does anyone else have records of Pryors in Goochland County in the 1720’s? Was Samuel and Prudence Pryor there in the 1720’s or did their line show up in Goochland County later (a Samuel Pryor is in the vestry records in 1735).