Lincoln County, NC Marriages – Looking For Patterns Among the Pryors

wedding bouquet on a ChairI noticed a pattern among the Pryor marriages in Lincoln Co., NC: V McBee was a witness on several of them (I think there’s  problem with the marriage transcript because McVee was the Clerk of the Court who probably would have signed the marriages). A more interesting patter are the multiple marriages into the Tucker and Kincaid families.

Thomas J. Pryor married Polly Tucker 20 Oct 1817. Daniel Tucker bondsman. V. McBee witness.

Wiley Pryor married Martha Tucker married 21 September 1821. Wilson Tucker, bondsman. V. McBee, witnesss.

Burton Pryor married Catherine Kincaid 8 Jul 1827. John M. Jacobs, bondsman. V. McBee, witness.

David Kincaid married Golsey Pryor 14 Nov 1827. Isaac Lowe, bondsman. V. McBee, witness. (and by the way, David and his wife are on the 1850 census and she’s a head of household in 1860. Her name is recorded as “Gadsey/Gadsy” not Golsey).

David J. Pryor married Jinsey Janet Shelton on 23 May 1832. George W. Kincaid, bondsman. L. McBee, witness

I’ve seen another marriage listed on Ancestry family trees yet I can’t find a source. It looks like folks have gleaned a marriage from the death record of Robert Pinkney Pryor (see his Find A Grave Memorial): John Pryor to Liza Hord.  Robert was born in 1845 so his parents may have been married about that time although I’m unsure where researchers are finding a 1827 marriage date or a record from Lincoln County, NC. Have you seen it?

**There’s a very nice article available online that mentions Vardy McBee (V. McBee) in context of developing Greenville: Hampton-Pinkney Historical District: Celebrating Two Centuries of Greenville’s History (Wayback Machine link), by Robert Benedict.