More Letters on General Brazure Williams Pryor Land Grant

Working through some older items I’ve meant to post. Two more letters regarding the War of 1812 land warrant for Brazure W. Pryor– the Hero of Hampton.

Richmond, VA
June 17th 1854

Dear Madam
In making an investigation I find further sum for your deceased husband Brazure W Pryor in the War of 1812 which in my opinion will give you an additional land warrant.

With your permission I will endevor to get you another warrant. In that evente you will please say that the 80 acre warrant No 36.536 which issued to you has long since been sold out of your possession in the acknowledgment of this letter.

Oblige, yours respectfully,

Elizabeth A Pryor
Care of Carter B Fogg
Newtown, VA

Brazure W Pryor was pay master to 115th Regt VA Mi (Militia?) from 28 Jul 1814 to 26 Feb 1815.

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X Mrs Pryor was paid by certificate of deposit No 902 for $56.70 for her land warrant No. 36.556 16 August 1852

Poplar Grove, July 2nd 1854

Mr. Martin
I  have just received your communication of the 17th June. I should like to get the additional claim which you think I am entitled to and as soon as obtained please to send a check for the amount of it and

oblige, yours most respectfully
E A Pryor

X Received of Mr. John K. Martin, 56 dollars clear of all expenses for the services of my deceased husband B. W. Pryor, during the War of 1812.

Please direct to Carlton’s Store
King and Queen Co.

PS should the money be applied for, do not pay in ??? a written order from me.
E A Pryor
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