Another Samuel Thornton Pryor. Yes, Again!

I found that I had made notes of a Pryor estate described in a Chancery Court case. I remembered why I had put it aside. Yet another Samuel Thornton Pryor. Really, how many times could this name be used?!  I think I’ve got this one figured out.  The father, William A. Pryor, was a son of Samuel Thornton Pryor and Susan Hunter, and a great-great grandson of Samuel Pryor and Prudence (Thornton).

A summary of the Chancery Case:
Elizabeth T Pryor (widow of William A Pryor) vs.
John D Mills, etc administrator of William A Pryor
Filed in Goochland County, VA

Elizabeth T Pryor, widow of William A Pryor, who died intestate in 1862.
Survived by the following “infant” children, all under age 21.
William Miller, guardian ad litem
Charles F. Pryor
John William Pryor
James Henry Pryor
Samuel Thornton Pryor
Mary Susan Pryor
Rosalie Walton Mills
Samuel Jackson Mills
Betty Beauregard Mills
Robert Lee Mills

In 1860 William A. Pryor and his wife Elizabeth were in Goochland County for the census. His widow and children were in Byrd, Goochland County for subsequent censuses. The Mills family was also in Goochland County in 1860 — Rosalie, Samuel, Betty and Robert were young children.  Their relationship and why they were heirs is not yet known.