Pryor and Work Surname

Sometimes I find names or places that spark my attention, however I have no idea what they mean… yet.

Jackson County, TN Deed — 5 August 1802 – Jacob Work … 250 acres. Roaring River, south side of a path that leads from William PRYOR to John PRYOR

Roane County, TN Marriage – John H. Taylor married Louisa Work in 1849. On the 1850 Census in Roane Co. there were 3 children living in the household with the surname Work, including a 5 year old Jacob A Work. Jacob died in 1868 and is buried with John H Taylor and Louisa in Parker Co., TX. John H. Taylor was a related through marriage to Hezekiah Taylor, brother in law of William Pryor of Overton County, TN.

The Work surname surfaces among the Sumner County Pryors:

James W. McCullough b. 1826 of Davidson County had an Elizabeth Pryor b. 1837 living in his household in 1850. I don’t think James was Elizabeth’s father— he was just too young. However, I suspect that James was the brother of David McCullough born about 1826 who married Louisa Pryor in 1850 in Sumner County, TN. Louisa is the sister of Allen L. Pryor; they were both children of John and Massie Taylor Pryor. David named one of his sons James W.

Where’s the Work connection? James W. McCullough married 3 times. His third wife (according to children’s death records) was Elizabeth Work.