Pryors in 8th Reg’t (Wall’s) Virgnia Militia

When I was looking at Pryors in the War of 1812 I wanted to see who served with John H Pryor, Samuel T Pryor, and William Pryor in 8th Reg’t (Wall’s) Virginia Militia. So I Googled. This is a reconstructed list of this regiment.

The Pryors in this regiment were sons of William Pryor and Elizabeth Hughes.  They were all from Goochland County, VA. Samuel Thornton Pryor was born about 1791 and was on the 1850 and 1860 Census in that county. He married Lucy Hunter and she claimed a widow’s pension for his service in the War of 1812. John Hughes Pryor married Sarah Smith and first moved to Williamson County, TN and then settled in Rutherford County, TN.  I didn’t have any information on their brother William Pryor, however I found that Louisa Jane Pryor filed for a widow’s pension based on the service of William Pryor in 8th Reg’t (Wall’s ) Virginia Militia, so we may have his wife’s name!

Henry Bourne

John Bourne

Robert Chumley

Edward Couch

John Couch

Richard Davenport

Tasleton Davenport

Burrell Featherston

John Garrett

Richard Garrett

William Garrett

John Gentry

Lany Gentry

Nicholas Gentry

Patrick Gentry

Robert Gentry

James Herndon

Joseph Herndon

David Hicks

John Hix

Josiah Hix

Godfrey Isbell

William I Isbell

Henry Kerby

John H Marks

Edward B Naylor

Joseph Nuckols

James Pendleton

John Poindexter

Thomas Poindexter

Cornelius Powell

John H Pryor

Samuel Pryor

William Pryor

Evan Rawlins

James Terry

William Thurman

Little Gerry Whitehead