Sharing Garretts of Campbell County, VA

I know my line of Pryor researchers (Sumner Co. and Overton Co., TN) are also interested in the Garretts. I found an interesting suit filed in the Chancery Court in Campbell County, VA. It’s amazing all the names and relationships it contains in one paragraph! I didn’t add any brackets, these were added in the original complaint to clarify relationships. Thank you 19th Century lawyer!

Filed in Campbell Co., VA
Chancery Court:
Stephen Garrett, Josiah Garrett, John Mills Garrett, Virginia Garrett, Jeremiah Garrett, and Frannces B. Garrett, [the last four being children of Bernard Garrett dec’d].  William Barracks, George B. Barracks, Greenwood Barracks, David G. Barracks, Sarah D. Barracks, Mary Ann Callahan [the said parites of the name of Barracks being children of Moore Barracks and Susan  his wife who was a daughter of John Garrett, dec’d].  David Garrett, Louisa A Barracks, Frances M. Barracks and John R D Barracks [children of John W. Barracks, dec’d, a son of Moor Barracks]. David Roberts and Fanny his wife, Thomas Roberts and Crissy his wife, John Robers and Sarah D his wife [daughter of Moore Barracks]. Alfred Jeffers, John Johnson and Elizabeth his wife, who was Elizabeth Jeffers, John Jackson and Henriettte his wife {who was a Jeffers) Samuel Read and Elizabeth his wife (who was Elizabeth Garrett), Allen Nowlan and Nancy his wife (who was Nancy Garrett) John H Harrison and Susan his wife, respectfully represent that with a certain Richard Mahony and Judith his wife (who was a daughter of William Garret dec’d and Nancy Jeffers an infant grand daughter of the said William Garrett dec’d and Absolom Garrett who was a son of John Garrett dec’d they are all the heirs at law of a certain John Garrett dec’d who died intestate in the County of Campbell  seized and possessed of about one hundred and one acres of timber land in said county being part of an original tract of 201 acres, lying upon both sides of the main road leading near the Poor House and adjoining the lands of William Barracks.

The complaint states there were so many people claiming to be heirs that the land should be sold and funds distributed. Absolom Garrett was the administrator of John Garrett’s estate.