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Orange County NC Record Mentions Luke Pryor of Williamson County TN

Looking at NC Pryors I hope to find answers for us questioning our Tennessee Pryor families. Luke Pryor is one of the folks in Williamson County, TN I looked at through probate records a while ago (see post). His wife was Nelly/Eleanor. I looked recently at the will of William Rogers, her father. It adds another piece of documentation to support she was a Rogers.


31st August 1819, Estate divided among heirs by commissioners in Orange Co., NC. William and John Rogers signed the estate sale as administrators.
Wife, Elinor Rogers
William Rogers
John Rogers
Heirs of James Rogers
John Sharp and Luke Prior
—? Holmes, husband of Janet Rogers
John Sharp, husband of Polly Rogers
Luke Pryor, husband of Nelly Rogers
Robert Hunter, husband of Peggy Rogers

Luke Pryor was named on 1805 and 1810 Tax lists in Williamson County, TN. It looks like he may have been living outside of NC at the time of the settlement of his father-in-law’s estate.

My last post may be of significance for anyone searching this line.  The Pryors in Guilford County, NC were connected to the Waggamon/Waggoner family.  When Luke Pryor married Nelly Rogers in Orange County, Peter Waggoner was bondsman (see post).

Sherrill Pryor of White County, TN — His Will Filed in MO

I didn’t think I’d revisit John Pryor and Ruth Sherrill so quickly. I recently posted about their son William (see post).  It looks like we now have information of what happened to their son Sherrill Pryor. His will was found in Polk County, Missouri. It mentions his wife Rebecca* (he married Rebecca* Hitcherouth in Sangamon County, Illinois in 1832 Continue reading

I Need to Mention Edward W. Tupper Among The Pryor Names

Edward W. Tupper shows up with Pryor names in a couple of places and even pops up on a historical occasion. I’m passing his name along as it may help you connect the dots with your Pryor research or rule out a connection. Tupper was the son of a Revolutionary War soldier, Benjamin Tupper, from Sharon, MA who settled in Marietta, OH (see Wikipedia)

1800 Land Grant – 19 May 1800. Grantee(s): Edward W Tupper and Allyn PRIOR in Kanawha County, VA. Description: 18,970 acres. Source: Land Office Grants No. 44, 1799-1800, p. 448 (Reel 110). (Allyn is thought to be a revolutionary war soldier from Connecticut.)

1803 Administration of Estate in Washington County, OH – Isaac PRIOR, administrator of Timothy PRIOR. Security: Adam McCurdy, Jacob Ayers. Witnesses: Edward W. Tupper, Matthew Backer, Adam McCordie, Lewis Cass. Dated 23 December 1803. (Timothy Prior is possibly the same man who was on the 1790 Census in Washington Co., PA.)

“Late in the winter of 1806 Floyd bore a letter from (Aaron) Burr to Edward W. Tupper of Marietta (in OH), who had offered his services in case of a war with Spain, and a gift of books on military tactics accompanied the missive.40 From these activities, as emphasized in subsequent disclosures, we may infer that Floyd knew in substance Burr’s plans to invade Mexico.” – The Burr Conspiracy In Indiana, By Isaac J. Cox, pub. 1929.

“General Edward W. Tupper‘s Brigade, Ohio Troops, Sept. 4, 1812 to Jan. 27, 1813.” From “Soldiers of the Revolution and the War of 1812 buried in McLean County, Illinois”


William Pryor Estate in Hancock County, IL

The estate of William Pryor piqued my attention since it’s thought that he was from a Pryor line that was in early Greene County and later White County and migrated into Illinois Continue reading

Will of Zach B Pryor of Nashville, TN

zach pryorThank you for putting up wills in Tennessee! Access these record has given me the opportunity to see if there are some Pryors I’ve missed.  I had found Zach B. Pryor of Nashville, TN on the index long ago, so it’s awesome to see his actual will Continue reading