Cleaning Up John Hughes Pryor’s Children

I was recently asked about John Hughes Pryor‘s children. I’ve written about them before but thought the question was good and worth revisiting this Pryor line. A post I wrote a couple years ago Documentation for John Hughes Pryor’s Family Tree only documented some of his children. So I’m posting a transcript of the Chancery complaint referenced in the post. This is an excellent record for family genealogy because it mentions John’s siblings and states he had 8 children.

To the Hon. Richard H. Field judge of the circuit court of Goochland County in Chancery sitting. Humbly complaining showeth unto your honor your orator Samuel T. Pryor that some time during the summer 1856 your orator’s brother William Pryor of Goochland County departed this life intestate having never married and possessed considerable estate real and personal consisting of a tract of land containing __ acres lying in said county and a warrant for 80 acres of land issued under the act of congress of 3rd of March 1855 which has not been located and which your orator is advised in real estate and slaves together with the usual stock of horses, cattle, crops, plantation utensils, etc. that the said decedant left one brother wo is your orator and three sisters namley Martha A. Meriweather, Judith N. Duke, and Mary W. Turner that said decedant had once other brother John Pryor who died many years ago in the state of ____ leaving eight children whose names are unknown to your orator, that one of the said eight children died som years since leaving two children as your orator has been informed whose names he over not know. that the said descendants of the said Jno Pryor dec’d are now scattered in western and south western states of the union. That the said William Pryor has two other sisters namely Nancy Woodson and Sally Payne both of whom died many years ago leaving each one child namely Eliza Woodson now Eliza Haden and George A Payne. That letters of administration on the estate of the said William Pryor were granted by the county court of Goochland to Richard A Trice who has taken charge of the personal estate and made sale of the same except the said slaves which he now holds in his possession and which your orator is advised are suffice to division as the other personal estate of this intestate as orator believes is far mor than suffient to pay the debts of the (and expenses of administration) said intestate.
And your orator further sates that the said slaves and tract of land are as he believes susceptable of partition among the parties entitled thereto.
In tender consideration whereof and for as much as your orator is without remedy in the premise save in the court of equity your orator prays that the siad Richard A. Tirce as admin. of the said William Pryor decd the — Martha A Meriweather, Judith N. Duke, Mary W. Turner, Eliza Haden, George A Payne, and the children and grandchildren of the said John Pryor decd be made parties defendant to this bill and required to answer the same according to the best of their knowledge information and belief as fully and particulary as if the statements of this bill were here again re—d and the said defendants hereto specially interrogatories that the said tract of land and the said slave be divided between the parties aforementioned entitled hereto and your orators portion thereof allotted to him and that the said land warrant be sold and the proceeds divided among the parties hereto entitled. and that such and further and general relief may be afforded your orator as the nature of his case may require unto equity may seem meet. And your orator will ever pray — — subpoena —.

In my 2013 post I used this document from the Chancery file to name John’s children and their respective spouses, however I made an error– I missed the names and context in the 6th item.


Item six names the spouses of the women researchers have thought to be daughters of John Hughes Pryor: “William Hargroves, Benj. H. Potter, and Goodrum Davis and their wives.” I know it doesn’t add up to 8 children in the document. I wonder if the 2 missing names are Sophia Pryor Kyzer and Virginia Pryor Hill. Both of these women moved out of TN and may be the children described in the complaint as “scattered in western and south western states of the union.”