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Cleaning Up John Hughes Pryor’s Children

I was recently asked about John Hughes Pryor‘s children. I’ve written about them before but thought the question was good and worth revisiting this Pryor line. A post I wrote a couple years ago Documentation for John Hughes Pryor’s Family Tree only documented some of his children. So I’m posting a transcript of the Chancery complaint Continue reading

John Pryor Rutherford County TN to KY Fact or Fiction?

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Pryor TN KY Map 1820'sSince I just finished looking at the Pryor family and their neighbors who were in early Logan and Christian County, KY, I thought it would be a good idea to look at later Pryors.

Years ago I exchanged emails with a Pryor researcher who was interested in the line of John Pryor who married Rebecca Cook in 1823 in Rutherford County, TN. It was their theory that John and Rebecca were then counted on the 1830 and 1840 Census in Wilson County, TN and that John Pryor had died, Rebecca remarried and was later found in Christian County, KY.

The information on this couple is sketchy beyond their marriage date in 1823. If John on the 1830 census is the man who married in 1823, then what were the ages of the children on the census– do they match the marriage year? It’s hard to tell. There were 2 males ages 5 through 9 which fits with the marriage date. There was also a male 10 through 14. The oldest male (John?) was 20 through 29, a bit too young to be the father of a 14 year old. There were 2 adult women in the household so perhaps one was the mother of sister of this young male.

Researchers seem to be on the right track identifying a Rebecca Pryor in Christian County. She is on the 1860 Census as Rebecca Pryer age 51 in the home of Sarah Pryor Wilson. Sarah died at age 90, unfortunately her death record didn’t name her parents. It just says “D.K.”– don’t know? Sarah was recorded as Sarah Ann C. Pryor when she married, so we know she was a Pryor and Rebecca lived with her, so it’s possible they were mother and daughter.

Also in the Wilson household in 1860 was Zack A. Pryor age 13. Zack is an interesting clue because he leads back to the 1850 Census when a Rebecca age 40 and a Zack age 4 were living in the household of Ab Nixon. I haven’t found a marriage for Ab Nixon–perhaps this was another arrangement. Not only was Rebecca identified as a Pryor on the 1860 census, but also the 1870 Mortality Schedule. Zack may be the Zachariah Pryor buried in Chattanooga, killed during the Civil War.

And I now have the full name of Ab Nixon for folks interested in this line: Absolom Nixon. There’s an estate sale filed in Christian County (Book N, page 692, sale page 693).

Edward Pryor of Wilkes Co., GA – Born Before 1740

Signature Edward Pryor

Thanks again to our Georgia researcher — we have the will (dated 1796) of Edward Pryor of Wilkes and Oglethrope Counties in GA. My last post discussed his land survey. Rather than post the photo copy of his will which is a bit hard to read, I’m posting a transcript. From the will we can confirm this is the Edward Pryor who’s land was near “Tatum’s Land” on the survey– in the will Edward identifies his neighbor as Peter Tatum. Edward also states his wife was Mary and identifies his 3 sons according to age as John (the oldest), Obediah, and Allen the youngest.

Can we tell when he was born? He states he was of “an Infirm age” — how old was that in 1796? If he was born in 1746 he may have been 50. If he was born in 1726 he may have been 70.  Yep, Edward Pryor may be from waaaaaaaay back.

He refers to Allen as his youngest son. I suspect Allen Pryor is the Allen Pryor  (b. 1771-1780) who  was on the 1830 Census in Obion Co., TN.  Perhaps Henry Pryor (b. 1810 in GA) from the 1850 Census of Obion Co. , is his son. Then is Allen Pryor (b. 1775-1794) on the 1820 Census in Rutherford Co., TN the same man? Allen’s age may be a clue to Edward’s age– If Allen were born between 1775-1780, then it’s likely that Edward was was born before 1760, so how long before is the question.

When were his sons born? I think the rules of getting land in Georgia are interesting. “Beginning in 1783 a head of household living in Georgia could be granted 200 acres of land on his own head-right and fifty acres for each additional family member, including slaves, up to 1000 acres.” Edward had 300 acres on his 1789 survey and in 1796 when he gifted the land to his sons. That would be 200 acres for him, 50 acres for his wife Mary, and another 50 acres perhaps for his son Allen who if he’s the same man in the TN records, was 9 to 14 years old when Edward got his land. Edward’s oldest son, John Pryor, has been identified as a Revolutionary War vet. He would be have been born about 1763 or earlier.

Where was Edward before coming to GA? I suspect he was the Edward Pryor recorded on the 1784 Tax List in Pittsylvania County, VA. Oh no, back to Pittsylvania County? Yup! There’s more about this connection in my next post.

When did Edward die? He appears to have still been living in 1798 when he was on the Oglethorpe Co., GA tax list.

While exploring the names in this document,  Jeremiah Lindsey is mentioned in an application for a Revolutionary War Pension. Henry Talley of Newton Co., GA had served through Virginia as a substitute for his  uncle Jeremiah Lindsey. http://revwarapps.org/w4350.pdf. A researcher  has posted information on Lindsey’s will online http://archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/th/read/LINDSAY/2006-07/1152631375

Transcript of Edward’s Will


This certifies to all whom it may concern that I Edward Pryor being of an Infirm age do Give & bequeath all my Real Estate on the following Terms. First of all I give to my oldest son John Pryor one hundred acres of Land being more or less according to the Description herein mentioned. The said land being Bounded on the South side by the Augusta Road & by a branch on the West side and by Peter Brook’s land on the East Side.

Next I give to my son Obediah Pryor one hundred Acres of Land being a part of the Said Tract more or less according to the boundaries herein mentioned the said Land being Bounded on the North side by the Augusta Road & on the East side by a branch & on the West Side by Jeremiah Linsey’s* land & by William Elay’s land on the North side & lastly. I give to my  youngest Son Allen Pryor One Hundred Acres  o f Land the same where I now live being a part of the same Tract & lying on the South side of the Augusta Road joining of Lands belonging to the heirs of Peter Tatum Dec’d which said Lands I give to the said John, Obediah, & Allen to them & their heirs forever. But still it is to be for the use & behoofs of the above mentioned Edward Pryor & Mary his wife During their natural lives to possess and enjoy the said three hundred acres of Land without Interruption or Constrains and should the said Edward Pryor Die before his wife then shall his wife (next page)

Then shall his wife Enjoy the said land and premises In like manner as tho the said Edward Pryor was still living and should Edward Pryor shall enjoy the said in like manner but after the Decease of Both the said Edward & Mary his wife then the said three hundred acres of Land shall be to the ___? Use & behoof of the said John Obediah & Allen as above mentioned to them & their heirs for Ever and for myself I do hereby utterly revoke all other Gift or Gifts, will or wills whatsoever & this only to be taken & allowed as my last & only Gift of the said Lands to the said John Obediah, & Allen  and in Testimony hereof I have set my hand and seal this 20th day of January in the year of our Lord One thousand Seven Hundred & ninety six. Signed  sealed and Delivered in the presence of
T. Shropshire
Bazel Swan
and Jno. Fluker
Edward Pryor (his mark X)

Documentation for John Hughes Pryor’s Family Tree

The case filed in the Goochland County Chancery Court after the death of William Pryor, brother of John Hughes Pryor, may help researchers confirm parts of their family tree.

Samuel T Pryor  vs.
Administrator of William Pryor, etc.
Filed in Goochland County, VA

This listing of siblings is gleaned from the case:

1. Samuel T. Pryor, the plaintiff in this case.
2. William Pryor, deceased and died intestate in the summer of 1856.
3. Martha A. Meriwether
4. Judith N. Duke
5. Mary W. Turner
5. John H. Pryor  “who died many years ago in the state of _____ leaving eight children whose names are unknown to your orator that some  of the said eight children died some years since leaving two children as your orator has been informed whose names he does not know, that the said descendants of the said Jno. Pryor dec’d are now scattered in Western and South Western states of the Union.”
7. Nancy Woodson dec’d, mother of Eliza Woodson – now Eliza Haden
8. Sally Payne dec’d, mother of George A Payne

I wrote about John Hughes Pryor and his daughters a couple years ago (read post). It’s nice to have some documentation to help confirm relationships– An 1857 receipt included with the case papers indicates that by that time the heirs of John H. Pryor had been found:John Hughes Pryor - his children

Listed above are:
1. Judith N Duke (sister of John Hughes Pryor, living in McNairy County, TN in 1850 and 1860)
2. A. C. Sublett and wife (John Hughes Pryor’s daughter Louisa Ann married A C Sublett, living 1850 – 1880 in Rutherford County, TN)
3. Isaac H Rainey and wife (John Hughes Pryor’s daughter Elizabeth married Isaac Rainey, living in Henry County, TN)
4. A W Batt (John Hughes Pryor’s daughter Amanda, married William P. Batte, living 1850 – 1870 in Sumner County, TN)
5. E A Sangredge
6. William Hargove (John Hughes Pryor’s daughter Mary Janett, married William Hargrove, living in McNairy County, TN in 1850)

I don’t recognize #5. Do you?

Added a New Pryor to the TN Pryor Project

The Tennessee Pryors blog is back from the summer break.  Bring out the balloons and the streamers… it’s been a while since we’ve added a new Pryor to the Tennessee Pryor Project. Our new Pryor is Louisa A. Pryor. She was born in 1800 in Virginia. She was in Rutherford County, TN for the 1850 through 1880 Census. Her husband A. C. (Abner) Sublett was on the 1840 Census in Rutherford, so Louisa may have been in Tennessee at that time. She was identified from the Tennessee Cemeteries page of http://gwhopki.powweb.com which documents family history information for families Rutherford and other counties.

It’s not yet known which Pryor family Louisa is from. Any ideas? She had a son named Valentine, perhaps related to the Goochland County, VA Pryors? One Ancestry family tree places Louisa as daughter of John Hughes Pryor and Sally Smith. The Valentine Pryor born 1768 in Goochland County was John Hughes Pryor’s uncle.

There are now more than  500 Pryors included in the TN Pryor Project. These are Pryors who were born before 1850 in any state, and lived in Tennessee before 1850 0r earlier. You can view more about the project on the webpage http://www.tnpryors.com/all_tn_pryors.htm