D’Arcy, Darcy, Dawsey, Dossey, etc., etc.

I looking at a surname that may have as many variable spellings as Pryor. Dorsey. Wait. Wait. Also spelled Darcy, Dawsey, Dossey, D’Arcy. I’ve run into them before because I have a paper trail that solidly lands me into them (spelled Dorsey by the way) in Maryland during the first decade of the 1800’s. But that’s another line of my family tree and I was looking at Dorseys connected with Pryors.

I wrote about John Pryor and Liddy Dossey of Halifax Co., VA a few months ago…

Dorsey Lineages and Dorsey History

If you’re interested in the Dorsey line, The Baltimore Sun published articles on Dorsey lineages. This appears to have been a prolific family– I’ve even run into lineages on Ancestry.com that show a Dorsey connection to F. Scott Fitzgerald.

  • Side-lights: The Dorsey Family and Coat of Arms–Letters On Subjects of Genealogical Interest, June 26, 1904, page 7
  • Letters to the editor contributing information on the Dorsey line and stating the whereabouts of family items, July 3, 1904, page 7
  • Maryland Heraldry: The Dorseys of Maryland, Descendants of Hon. John Dorsey, Col. Edward Dorsey and Joshua Dorsey, Emily Emerson Lantz, January 19, 1908, page 17
  • Historic Belmont Welcomes First Visitors: Elkridge Manor Students Learn of Estate ‘Rooted” in Environment and History, May 8, 2014, The Howard County Times

Dorsey/Dossey Wills

Liddy’s brothers Jared/Jarrett and Thomas B. (mentioned in the VA Chancery case) were in Wilkes Co., GA. Jared signed his will on November 18, 1820 in Wilkes county and appointed Thomas as his executor. Thomas signed his will on February 19, 1821 in Oglethorpe county, GA. Thomas’ will names his brother Jared (clearly stating brother), is signed Thomas Beach Dossey, and names his sister’s Pryor children as heirs (although specific names were not stated). Several family trees online place Nancy Beech Dossey (Liddy’s mother) as the wife of Caleb Dossey who also went to Georgia.

I found two of Liddy’s brother-in-laws: Guy Wallace and Geoge Wren in Lancaster County, SC.

1810 Census: Lancaster County, SC

Dossey + Pryor Connection

Thomas B. Dossey (Dorsey) will connected the Dosseys in the 1800 Halifax VA suit to the same people in Georgia. It confirms that Dossey’s sister married a Pryor– the VA suit tells us it was John Pryor. Thomas’ will also tells us something important– John Pryor and wife Liddy had children! The John Pryor who left a will in Pike county had a daughter named Lydia who married John Coats. I’ve penciled in John Pryor in Pike County as the man who married into the Dorseys… but keeping it in pencil as Pryors in Georgia are continued to be explored.