Major Pryor born about 1789: VA, SC and Savannah, Georgia

Major Pryor

It looks like John Pryor of Savannah and his wife Delphia (possibly Delphia Dillard) had children or at least a child. An obituary published in The Charleston Daily Courier marks the death of “On the 24th ult. Master Major L. Pryor, aged 16 years, son of Mrs. Delphia Wilson : after a short and painful illness.” That would place his birth in about 1789. It’s interesting that he is listed among deaths in Savannah and published across the border in a South Carolina newspaper.

Major Pryor

Major’s death entry in the Savannah vital records states he was a native of South Carolina and also states he died at his mother’s place on South Common.

This is very interesting indeed. I think this supports that the John Pryor married to Delphia is the John Pryor who married Delphia Dillard in Middlesex County, VA in 1782. There were two deeds in Middlesex dating from 1749 that name a Major Pryor. If Delphia’s son carried the first name Major then the man in Middlesex county could also be carrying Major as a first name rather than a military title.

Also in 1749, Major Pryor was engaged in three deeds/indentures in Brunswick County, VA (see deed information). One of the documents names his wife Anne. Hmmmm. I had followed the lead of other researchers who speculated that this was Philip Pryor and wife Ann Haden.

The marriage record for John Pryor and Delphia Dillard in Middlesex county states John was from King and Queen County. An indenture in Brunswick county states Major Pryor was from King and Queen county.

We may still be in the right lane with Philip Pryor because there’s a 1742 deed from Philip Pryor, of St. Martin’s Parish, Hanover County, and Ann, his wife, to —- Berry, conveying lands in Amelia. Signed in presence of Major Pryor.

When I started think of Major as a first name rather than a title I started questioning everything. What about Major John Pryor of Richmond who we know wasn’t a major because he served in the Revolutionary War as a Lt. Capt.?