Overton County: Pryor-Taylor-Garrett Land Deed (1832)

Elizabeth Taylor of Overton CountyAs part of my on-going effort to obtain original deeds associated with my Pryor line, I’ve pulled one from Overton County, TN. This is a deed in which Elizabeth Taylor (mother of Spicy Taylor Pryor and Massey Taylor Pryor) deeded land that is referred to as “formerly owned by the heirs of Edmond Taylor (Spicy’s and Massey’s father). I asked if there was any earlier deed which either showed ownership by Edmond/Edward/Edmund Taylor or in the names of his heirs. Was there a deed that was in the name of Spicy Taylor or her husband William Pryor.

This is probably the land that the heirs of Edmond Taylor purchased when they arrived in Tennesee in 1827.

Deed Book F, page 17 Indenture 5 Feb. 1827. The consideration being $500, paid to William Chilton Jr., 150 acres on Obed River. Purchased by the heirs of the late Edward Taylor of VA.

So the Pryors and Taylors bought land on Obed’s River when they arrived in Overton County in after Edmond Taylor’s death (1824 will in Campbell Co., VA), about 1827. Then sold the same land in 1829. And in 1832 William Pryor and his wife Spicy were living on the land. BUT… there’s a William Pryor on the 1820 Census in Overton County. I suspect it’s the same William who was married to Spicy (they were living near Joel Pariss/Parish who was a witness on the 1832 Deed for a slave sale that named all the Pryors and Taylors).  So where was William living in 1820 and where did he and Spicy live after 1832?

Here’s the transcript of 1832 sale and a question that follows…

Elizabeth Taylor
Deed for an undivided moiety of
150 acres of land held by
Grant No. 300 lying on
Obed’s River waters
To Elijah Garrett
This Indenture made and entered into the …… day of …… 1832 between Elizabeth Taylor of the county of Sumner State of Tennessee of the one part; and Elijah Garrett of the county of Overton and same state of the other part, witnesseth that the said Elizabeth for and in consideration of the sum of two hundred dollars in hand paid by the said Garrett, has this day bargained and sold and by these presents doth bargain , sell, and convey unto said Garrett, her under undivided moiety of a tract of land situated lying and being in the county of Overton on Obed’s River; being the same whereon William Pryor now lives and formerly owned by the heirs of Edmond Taylor , and now owned by the said Elizabeth and Spicey Pryor, wife of William Pryor as tenants in common: containing one hundred and fifty acres more or less. To have and to hold to the said Garrett, his heirs and assigns forever, with its appurtances, free from the claim of said Elizabeth her heirs or assigns. In witness whereof she has hereunto set her hand and seal the date above.
Elizabeth Taylor {seal}
Test. Pleasant Taylor, Willy Dickerson
February Term 1833
Deed of bargain and sale from Elizabeth to Elijah Garret for an undivided moiety, of one hundred and fifty acres of land, was proved in in open court by the oath of Pleasant Taylor and Willie Dicerson (sic) the subscribing witnesses thereto which is caused to be certified for registration to Overton County where the land lies.A copy attest. A. H. Douglas Clerk of said court. The foregoing is a correct registry of a deed of conveyance and certificate thereon from Elizabeth Taylor to Elijah Garrett and the same was registered and certified on the twenty eighth day of August, one thousand, eight hundred and thirty five.
John Kennedy, register

Now for the interesting part. I was curious about the grant number 300 noted on the deed. There was another deed recorded on the same page– It’s a sale between Stephen Mayfield and Thomas Stogdon. It states a grant number 2827 and the grant number is sited again within the body of the document, stating that the land was originally granted to Rhody Collier.

Just a quick aside: Stephen Mayfield may be the same man who was involved in an assault in 1840… John Pryor was convicted of the assault.

I then wondered if the grant number could be used to locate an original TN or NC grant. I went to Ancestry.com and searched by the grant number 2827. Sure e’nuf, I found a grant by that number for Rhoda Collier in 1825 in Overton County.

I tried to do the same for grant 300. There are several grants that come up when searched, but nothing that matches land in Overton County or even Sumner County. I read through several of them and they aren’t on Obed’s River.

Maybe someone else will have better luck tracking down grant number 300.

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