Sumner County, TN: Allen L. Pryor Appointed Estate Administrator (1867)

Another nice Pryor record from Sumner County… the court order appointing Allen L. Pryor as the administrator of his mother’s estate. Since his mother’s name is spelled Massey on this legal document, I will be adopting this as the correct spelling of her name (giving up all variations from census records).

Ordered by the Court that Allen L Pryor be appointed administrator of all and singular the goods and chattels, rights and credits of the estate of Massey Pryor, deceased. And thereupon the said Allen L Pryor and William P Guthrie and John B Neill his securities appeared in Open Court entered into and acknowledged their bond to the State of Tennessee in the p—? sum of Five Hundred dollars conditional according to law and said A L Pryor was duly qualified. [County Court minutes, page 9, 144, 1867]