Percy C Pryor and the Actress (Florence Oakley)

Florence Oakley Pryor

The San Francisco Call announced the speedy marriage of Florence Oakley to Percival C. Pryor with a news blurb titled “Capitalist’s Son Marries Actress” (published September 17, 1909).

Florence Oakley and Pryor Marriage

The report states they married at the home of Charles E Church, the groom’s uncle. The location was described as a “palatial home” in Sausalito. The groom’s parents were reported as J. H. Pryor and wife had knowledge of the wedding beforehand, while the bride’s mother wasn’t informed until after the ceremony.

Oakley and Pryor divorced in 1919 (Los Angeles Times, September 13, 1919).

The Pryor Family

Joseph Henry Pryor (father of the groom) was born 1851 in Tuolumne County, CA and married Flora Church. The grandfather, also named Joseph Pryor, was born 1825, a miner from England, who with wife Priscilla appeared on the 1850 Census in Tuolumne County.

Joseph H. Pryor from The San Francisco Call, July 31, 1896

Florence Oakley Death

Florence died in 1956 and her name was reported as Florence Oakley Pryor Stone and it included comment that she was divorced from her second husband (Stone). Her death was reported in several newspapers, among them The Times in Shreveport, LA with the title Lewis Stone’s Ex-Wife Dies (September 27, 1956). A memorial is dedicated to Oakley on Find A Grave.