Scipio Africanus Pryor of Benton Co., AR — Back to TN?

scipio-africanusBack to the TN Pryor named for the Roman General who defeated Hanibal. Is anyone looking for Scipio Africanus Pryor of Benton County, AR?  Scipio is one of the Pryors on my “mystery” list. He seemed to have come out of no-where when he shows up in Arkansas records. No kin living in the same county nor any living near by. (Photo above of the Roman named Scipio by Shakko at http://commons.wikimedia.otrg/wiki/User:Shakko)

Scipio Pryor, his wife and several of his children were buried in the small Goad Springs Cemetery in Benton Co.  The death records of several of his children state their mother was Sallie Colville (born 1820) in TN.

Ann Colville b. 1802 is buried in the same cemetery. Her grave marker states she was the wife of Joseph Colville.  Ann was already widowed by 1850—she was a head of household in Osage Twp., Benton County (page 69) and Ann was born in TN.

There’s a Joseph Colville in TN records.  I’m not sure if this is Ann’s husband. He seems more than a bit older than her.  TN land grant No. 6591 recorded that Joseph Colville assigned his land on Hickory Creek near the line of Thomas Wilcher to Elisha Pepper on 10 Jan 1815. I wonder if this was the same Thomas Wilcher of Warren Co. who was on the 1812 Tax List near Joseph Pryor and later on a suit in White County, TN with William Pryor. This is the same Joseph and William Pryor I mentioned in a post back in February (read Old Joseph of White Co., TN – Here’s the Monkey Wrench)

In 1844 S. A. Pryor (Scipio Africanus) is named on a Benton Co., AR deed with James Hubbard in deed book A, page 359. I haven’t had reason to believe this is my line, so I haven’t obtained the actual deed. There may be some good reading there a Pryor researcher from this line.

James Hubbard on the deed intrigued me, so I took a look at him too. I found some information online — He also lived near Goad Springs and had lived in Warren County, TN! James Hubbard was on the 1850 Census in Osage Twp., age 77 born in NC.

It’s enough to give a girl an ulcer. I found grant No. 430 in Warren Co. filed 13 June 1809 for James Hubbard. Across the screen was deed No. 424 filed the same date for…. Here goes… DAVID ROSS whose property it states bordered “Hubbard’s Corner”. Just search David Ross on this site— I can’t keep tract of how many times he shows up among the Pryors!

This doesn’t tie up the family tree in a nice bundle, more work needs to be done. I can’t tell you if Joseph and William of Warren County were related or if there were 2 Pryor families in Warren County at that time. I can’t tell you if David Ross was associated with just Joseph, just William or BOTH. I also can’t tell you if Scipio Africanus Pryor was associated with just Joseph, just William or BOTH.

There are male Pryors of Joseph’s line who went to Illinois and probably some males from Scipio’s line that went to AR and later TX. Wouldn’t it be interesting if one male from each line did Y-DNA testing?

If you’re related to these lines — I’m interested if you’d pulled the deeds for the sale of the Warren County property and the AR land deed for Scipio and James Hubbard.

I think this line will get interesting!