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Pryor Bible – Marion County, TN Pryor Family

Sometimes people not related to the Pryors come up with the most interesting things. Remember back in 2007 when some Pryor graves were found in Kansas? (see post). I was contacted by someone who purchased an old Bible. It’s a Pryor Bible that purports to be from the line of Marion County Pryors. It doesn’t have genealogy names and dates in it, but it’s signed by Madison C Pryor and also contains the name Richard S Pryor. It was published in 1854, before the Civil War. The owner has kindly sent photos– THANK YOU FOR SHARING THESE!. If someone is from this line and would like the Bible I can put you in touch with the owner– they made it clear they would want this Bible to go to a good home.

Photos of the Pryor Bible

Matthew Pryor of Marion County, TN One Line From a Looney

I mentioned Peter Looney from Botetourt County in a post earlier this week (see post). Now for something to chew on this weekend. There’s a man named Peter Looney counted one line from Matthew Pryor on the 1830 Census in Marion County, TN.


Pryor Names from the Tennessee Death and Burial Records

John Pryor, born Oct 4 1831 in Jackson Co., TN
Died Jan 7, 1920 in the same county.
Lists his mother as Jane Pryor and her birthplace as the same county. Was his mother Nancy Pryor, if so, was her full name Nancy Jane?

Joseph P Pryor, born 2 Mar 1833 in KY (probably Trigg Co.)
Died Mar 15 1917 in Stewart Co., TN
Lists his parents as William Pryor and Olive Elliot.
Joseph was a retired postmaster.

William A Pryor, born 16 Sept 1837 in TN
Died Apr 7 1914 in Hamilton Co., TN.  He was buried in Jasper, TN (Marion Co.)
Lists his parents as John Pryor and Harriet Williams.

Monroe Pryor (black), born 1842 in Marion Co., TN
Died Oct 11 1923 in Jasper, Marion Co., TN.
Lists his parents as Jim Pryor and Sylvia Townsel
Possible that Monroe was born into slavery, occupation retired rail roader.

James Madison Pryor, born Sep 23 1846 in  Sumner Co., TN
Died May 11 1931 in Sumner Co., TN
Lists his mother as Margaret Curry (former wife of William Pryor)

Fanny Pryor Smith, born Aug 4 1844 in Stewart Co., TN
Died Jun 22 1915 in Stewart Co., TN
Lists her parents as Wesley Pryor and Miss Elliot (census records list mother as Fannie).
Both parents born in Trigg Co., KY.

We can add another Pryor to our list of TN Pryors!
Susannah Pryor Fox born 1818 in TN
Her daughter Margaret Fox Bowington, born Jan 15 1847 in Jackson Co., TN
Died Aug 25 1931 in Jackson Co.
Lists her parents as Richard O Fox and Susie Pryor, both born in Jackson County.
I suspect this new Pryor will send researchers scurrying to their databases. I know I did! There’s only a short list of Pryors who were in Jackson County in 1820.

Another Pryor descendant who fills in some added details…
John McDonad Hummel born abt 1840 in Livingston, TN
Died Aug 13 1915 in Clay Co., TN.
Lists his parents as William Huston Hummel and Julie Pryor (census records show her as Juda). His father was born in VA and his mother in East TN. On census records she states her place of birth as VA,  however I found with another ancestor there was a lot of travel between eastern TN and western VA and the place of birth can become confused.

And what would new Pryor information be without a new Pryor mystery?
Death record of John Marsh born Apr 1848 in TN, died Sept 1918 in Lincoln Co., TN.
Lists his parents as Goodman Davis and a Miss Pryor both born in TN.  Was he the son of Goodman Davis and Harriet Lee Smith Pryor and if so, why was his surname Marsh? Who was John? He’s not recorded on the census.

Photo: Daughters of Marion County Pryors, Matthew Pryor and Mary Williams

A new Pryor photo on the TN Pryor website! This photo is from a collection of photos of Eliza Pryor Biese, a daughter of Matthew Pryor and Mary Williams of Marion County, TN. Eliza was born in 1836 and has been identified as the woman in the upper right. Her sisters are possibly the other women in the photo– Nancy, Henrietta, and Mary/Molly. There are quite a few photos on the the website from the Biese album. Can anyone ID others as the women in this photo?


John Pryor of Grainger Co., TN

“Ansearchin’ ” News, Spring 1981.  An article states John Pryor on the 1850 US Census in Grainger Co., TN was born about 1798 in Virginia. It also identifies his wife as Elizabeth BAKER and their son George, who was on the 1850 census, joined the Confederate army and migrated to Ft. Smith, Sebastian Co., AR.

I would like to know the source of the marriage information for John Pryor and Elizabeth Baker, because I’m a bit doubtful that it is their son George in Ft. Smith, AR.  The George W. Pryor in Ft. Smith appears to be a son of Seth Pryor, a probably son of Matthew Pryor born 1759*. of Marion Co., TN. Seth was in Titus Co., TX in 1850.  When George Pryor was counted in 1880 his parents places of birth were recorded as father born in NC and mother born in KY, which matches the place of birth of Seth Pryor and his wife Darcus in 1860. If George were the son of John and Elizabeth, his parents would have been born in VA and NC as recorded on the 1850 Census.

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*Originally post stated Matthew Pryor Jr. Seth is likely the brother of Matthew Jr. and a son of Matthe Pryor born 1759.