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Peter Nance and Mary Pryor Query from 1906

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It’s interesting to look at the old genealogy columns published in newspapers at the turn of the century. I thought this one was a great example of lots of names but not documentation. It was published on July 15, 1906 in The Times Dispatch, Richmond, VA.

I’m curious. What records were available to researchers 110 years ago? I suspect all research was done in the county record office or a researcher was hired to do it for you. In this newspaper column the reference to Edward and Nicholas Pryor in Henrico county sites the years and not the reference material. From what we know today, it’s likely they were citing the dates of Vestry Records.

And of course Roger A Pryor was still alive in 1906 and his involvement in US and Virginia politics, service as a Confederate General during the Civil War and appointments as a New York Judge were all well known and documented in newspapers.

I think there’s an interesting aspect to the query. In 1906 the writer was aware of who their ancestors were. Peter Nance was recorded with his wife Mary Pryor on the 1850 Census in Knox County. By 1860, when he was 86 years old, Peter Nance was living in Blount County, TN. So somewhere in the 40 or less years since his death, where in VA they originated from and who were their parents has disappeared from the family story.

This news clipping should be a reminder of why research continues and supporting documentation is needed for our findings. The writer never made a connection between the Pryors mentioned– they simply were dishing out names.

Pryors On The Knox County Court Index

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Here are some other cases involving Pryors in Knox County:

17 Jan 1801 – Harris Prior – Delinquent Tax – Bk 3, P 69

14 Oct 1802 – Jesse Pryor – Defendant Criminal – Bk 4, P 87

18 Oct 1805 – Harris Pryor – Bastardy Case – Bk 5, P 51

18 Jan 1806 – Samuel Pryor – Deliquent Taxes in 1804 – Bk 5, P 83

17 Oct 1807 – Harris Pryor – Deliquent – Bk 6, P 95

8 Apr 1820 – William Pryor vs. Robert Craig (civil) – Bk 10-21, P 254

10 Apr 1830 – William Pryor – Defendant Criminal – Bk 14, P452

7 Jul 1831 – G L Pryor – Power of Attorney from Peter and Polly Nance Estate – Bk 16, P 76

7 Jul 1831- Edward Pryor – Estate – Bk 16, P 76

6 Oct 1834 – Elizabeth Pryor – Defendant Criminal – Bk 16, P440
Prosecutor vs. William B. Cuthbutson

7 Jan 1836 – William Pryor – Defendant Criminal – Bk 11-2, P110

7 Jan 1836 – William Pryor – Defendant vs State Prosecutor Criminal – Bk 11-2, P112

7 Jan 1836 – William Pryor – Defendant vs Lucy Cuthbutson Pltf  Criminal – Bk 11-2, P112

8 Jan 1836 – William Pryor – Prosecutor vs. William B. Cuthbutson (aka Cuthbertson and Cuthbert )Pltf  Criminal – Bk 11-2, P117
[There’s a brief bio of William B Cutherbertson. It’s important to not that his wife had 2 sons when she entered the marriage].

5 Nov 1838 – John Pryor – Comr, Support of Mrs Graves and Family Aptd – Bk 11-2, P295

7 Oct 1839 – Charles Pryor – Comr, Support of Margaret Watt and Family – Bk 11-2, P383

2 Oct 1840 – John Pryor – Commissioner, Support of Mrs Elisha Joiner and family appointed – BK 11-2, P407

5 Apr 1842 – James M Pryor  – Bastardy – BK 17, P 123-132

5 Jul 1842 – James M Pryor – Bastardy – BK 17, P 145

7 Nov 1842 – James M Pryor  – Bastardy – BK 17, P 162

6 Nov 1843 – William Pryor – 1 poll, insolvent tax – BK 17, P 225

1 Dec 1845 – James Pryor – 1 poll tax – BK 17, P 375

6 Apr 1857 – James Pryor – 1 poll, insolvent tax – BK 21, P 47

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Revolutionary War – Henry Pryor of Botetourt County?

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On 1 August 1777 an H. Pryor, Lieut advertised in Purdie’s Virginia Gazette (Williamsburg). He was seeking his friend Thomas Vaughn Nance who had enlisted with him in Col. Harrison’s artillery in York. He was entreating his friend to return to the unit before he was “deemed a deserter.” Thank goodness for Wikipedia.org, because there’s some good information there on this artillery. They formed in Williamsburg and fought in the Southern theater during the Revolutionary War, so Virginia should be the right place to start looking for this Pryor.

So Lt. H. Pryor may have been from Gloucester, Hampton, York Counties, or James City, Elizabeth City. I’ve got lots of records on the Pryors and “H” is a stand-out name in VA in the 1700’s. I have only one more Pryor that begins with “H” — Henry Pryor who was  recorded in Botetourt County, VA in 1786.

Now Botetourt is interesting because this H. Pryor was looking for a Nance and there are several Nance’s later in Botetourt.  Children of Joseph Pryor in Botetourt married into the Nance family: Molly Pryor married Peter Nance, and Thornton married Mary/Polly Nance.

The surname Vaughn is also connected to this line of Pryors: Joseph of Botetourt’s nephew John Alexander Pryor married a Martha Vaughn. Shadrack Vaughn married Mary Meriwether — Mary was one Joseph of Botetourt’s step nieces and nephews through his brother Samuel’s marriage to Frances Morton who had children from her first marriage to a Meriwether (I hope that had some clarity — there’s no easy way to state that relationship!)

I think we may be on our way to ID a “lost” Pryor.