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Pryor and Taylor Marriages Cloud AncestryDNA Results

I’ve created a mega chart of Pryors from AncestryDNA kits. These are the Pryors in Sumner County and Overton County, TN. I will share what I’ve found in a few posts. I’m going to follow the same guidelines I used as admin of the male Y-DNA project through FTDNA– I won’t divulge test names, names of the testers, or other identifying info. I will refer to refer to dead people, most of whom passed more than 50 years ago.

A few years ago I started off with one test from a descendant of Allen L Pryor b. 1816 and tried to figure out how it matched with others. One of the worst methods of searching was searching by the surname Pryor– it picks up on all Pryors many of whom have no relationship to you (that’s me!).

Gradually more descendants of Allen L Pryor have tested. Tests matches include descendants of his children John Edward, Betty, Annie, and Lycurgus. What’s especially splendid is that Ancestry predicts the same generation distance as predicted through paper research.

Using the Autosomal Ancestry DNA test to match up people only goes so far because of all the marriages between lines. For instance, there’s a test that can matches to Allen’s projected sister Louisa. It’s helpful in matching her to the Pryor line until you look down the list of Louisa’s descendants and realize they married into the same Taylor family as the Taylor grandparents of both Allen and Louisa. This means the match can be for Pryors or Taylors or both.

There are now AncestryDNA tests for descendants of the children of William Pryor and Spicy Taylor who lived in Overton County. They match to tests on the Allen L Pryor side of the tree. However, Allen’s parents were John Pryor and Massey Taylor, the known sister of Spicy Taylor. So are the tests matching on the Pryors or Taylors or both?

See how the marriages between lines can cloud things?






Hilpy Chapin Pryor of Overton County: A Remarkable Record

This is news article is of interest to Overton County, TN Pryors.

hilphy-pryorSpringfield Republican (Springfield, MO)
10 Dec 1898
Greenfield Viedette: Paul Chapin, a soldier of 1776 from New Jersey, has four surviving daughters, viz: Elizabeth Carmack of Dadeville, MO, aged 90; Elcy Carmack of Livingston, Tenn. aged 88; Hilpy Pryor of Osage, Ark., aged 81; Matilda McMasters of Dadeville, MO., aged 77; Hiram Chapin, a son and soldier of the war of 1812 resides in Indiana, aged 108 years.

Hilpha was born about 1823 in Tennessee. She married Jesse Pryor in about 1848-1849. Jesse is thought to be a son of James and Nancy Pryor of Overton County, TN. Jesse and Hilpy are on the 1850 Census in Newton County, AR and from 1860 onward in Carroll County, AR.

Looking at the Chapins is interesting because it illustrates just how mixed up recollections can be. It’s nice to know that it’s this confusing in other families, not just the Pryors!

The Revolutionary War pension file for Paul Chapin is on Ancestry. Rather than NJ as stated in the news article, he served through MA. He swore to his service in 1818 while still living in MA.

Chapin document from MA

Hilphy’s sister, Elizabeth Chapin Carmack, states her year of birth as 1810 in TN per the 1850 Census in Overton County, TN and in 1880 while living in Dade County, MO.  I’m wondering how her father was living in MA in 1818 and she was born in TN in 1810. Did they move back and forth? Was she just plain wrong about where she was born? The first document signed in Overton County in Chapin’s pension file is dated 1820.

chapin in Overton County, TN