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Cleaning Up John Hughes Pryor’s Children

I was recently asked about John Hughes Pryor‘s children. I’ve written about them before but thought the question was good and worth revisiting this Pryor line. A post I wrote a couple years ago Documentation for John Hughes Pryor’s Family Tree only documented some of his children. So I’m posting a transcript of the Chancery complaint Continue reading

Another Samuel Thornton Pryor. Yes, Again!

I found that I had made notes of a Pryor estate described in a Chancery Court case. I remembered why I had put it aside. Yet another Samuel Thornton Pryor. Really, how many times could this name be used?!  I think I’ve got this one figured out.  The father, William A. Pryor, was a son of Samuel Thornton Pryor and Susan Hunter, and a great-great grandson of Samuel Pryor and Prudence (Thornton).

A summary of the Chancery Case:
Elizabeth T Pryor (widow of William A Pryor) vs.
John D Mills, etc administrator of William A Pryor
Filed in Goochland County, VA

Elizabeth T Pryor, widow of William A Pryor, who died intestate in 1862.
Survived by the following “infant” children, all under age 21.
William Miller, guardian ad litem
Charles F. Pryor
John William Pryor
James Henry Pryor
Samuel Thornton Pryor
Mary Susan Pryor
Rosalie Walton Mills
Samuel Jackson Mills
Betty Beauregard Mills
Robert Lee Mills

In 1860 William A. Pryor and his wife Elizabeth were in Goochland County for the census. His widow and children were in Byrd, Goochland County for subsequent censuses. The Mills family was also in Goochland County in 1860 — Rosalie, Samuel, Betty and Robert were young children.  Their relationship and why they were heirs is not yet known.

Prior R Hughes

Prior R Hughes in Williamson Co. A great grandson of Catherine Pryor and Henry Lansford of Pittsylvania County, VA. There are other Pryors and Hughes connections; is Prior R. Hughes connected to any of them?

I believe we have John Hughes Pryor born 1785 on the 1840 Census in Williamson County, TN. John married Sallie Smith in 1802 in Goochland County. John was the son of William Pryor and Elizabeth Hughes and the brother of Judith Neville Pryor who married Fountaine Duke and settled in McNairy County, TN.

I found an affidavit in the loose court documents from Williamson County.

State of Tennessee
Williamson County
Personally appeared before me Lemuel? B McConners? clerk said James Hughes and made oath that Pryor Hughes as the guardian for Polly Hughes, Barrett Hughes, and Sally Hughes had never received anything– that he was appointed for the purpose of petitioning the court for an order of sale of land belonging to said minors and others, but abstaining would be attended with much cost it was never deal.
signed Jas. Hughes

There’s a Williamson County will for Polly Hughes proved 15 November 1825 by James Hughes and Nancy Hughes, his wife. It names her brother James Hughes, Benjamin Hughes, 5 sisters (unnamed), and her brother-in-law John Lane.

I don’t want to go on a wild goose chase, but there is also a Lane connection to the Pryors in Goochland County. David Lane married Elizabeth Pryor there in 1757. Are they related to John Lane in Williamson County?

Does anyone have information that connects Prior Hughes with John Hughes Pryor?

VA & NC Pryors: Making Connections on Beaver Dam Creek in Goochland County


I know Beaver Dam Creek does sound as posh as maybe- let’s say Polo Pony Drive– but this may have been the place to be in Henrico County, later Goochland County.  The above list of deeds is from http://www.directlinesoftware.com/Pool/goochlan.txt. Remember the Perkins who shadowed the Pryors from Pittsylvania County, VA into Rockingham and other Counties in NC, and then into Hawkins/Greene County, TN and finally into Williamson County?  It looks like they may have been  neighbors (and probably kin) back into the 1720’s, long before the Revolutionary War. There was John Pryor on Beaver Dam Creek (see my post) and it looks like Constantine Perkins was right there too.

Another neighbor to look at is John Pleasant. Do you see him above? Isn’t it interesting that when the Pryors moved into NC there’s a John Pleasant Pryor among them? He also ended up in Tennessee with the migration to middle TN in the 1790’s.

Pryors in 8th Reg’t (Wall’s) Virgnia Militia

When I was looking at Pryors in the War of 1812 I wanted to see who served with John H Pryor, Samuel T Pryor, and William Pryor in 8th Reg’t (Wall’s) Virginia Militia. So I Googled. This is a reconstructed list of this regiment.

The Pryors in this regiment were sons of William Pryor and Elizabeth Hughes.  They were all from Goochland County, VA. Samuel Thornton Pryor was born about 1791 and was on the 1850 and 1860 Census in that county. He married Lucy Hunter and she claimed a widow’s pension for his service in the War of 1812. John Hughes Pryor married Sarah Smith and first moved to Williamson County, TN and then settled in Rutherford County, TN.  I didn’t have any information on their brother William Pryor, however I found that Louisa Jane Pryor filed for a widow’s pension based on the service of William Pryor in 8th Reg’t (Wall’s ) Virginia Militia, so we may have his wife’s name!

Henry Bourne

John Bourne

Robert Chumley

Edward Couch

John Couch

Richard Davenport

Tasleton Davenport

Burrell Featherston

John Garrett

Richard Garrett

William Garrett

John Gentry

Lany Gentry

Nicholas Gentry

Patrick Gentry

Robert Gentry

James Herndon

Joseph Herndon

David Hicks

John Hix

Josiah Hix

Godfrey Isbell

William I Isbell

Henry Kerby

John H Marks

Edward B Naylor

Joseph Nuckols

James Pendleton

John Poindexter

Thomas Poindexter

Cornelius Powell

John H Pryor

Samuel Pryor

William Pryor

Evan Rawlins

James Terry

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